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Ceyhun Bulutay


Office: SA-220

Phone: +90 312 290 2511

eMail: bulutay[at]fen.bilkent.edu.tr

Professor, Ph.D.: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 1997

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Theoretical semiconductor physics, semiconductor quantum optics

Selected Publications

  • C. Bulutay, “Cat-state generation and stabilization for a nuclear spin through electric quadrupole interaction,” Physical Review A, vol. 96, 012312 (2017)
  • E. T. Güldeste, C. Bulutay, “Loschmidt echo driven by hyperfine and electric-quadrupole interactions in nanoscale nuclear spin baths,” Physical Review B, vol. 98, 085202 (2018)
  • S. Aas, C. Bulutay, “Strain dependence of photoluminescence and circular dichroism in transition metal dichalcogenides: a k.p analysis,” Optics Express, vol. 26, 28672 (2018)