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M. Özgür Oktel


Office: SA-227

Phone: +90 312 290 2512

eMail: oktel[at]fen.bilkent.edu.tr

Associate Professor, Ph.D.: Condensed Matter Physics, MIT, 2001

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Bose-Einstein condensation, Spinor Quantum Gases, Optical properties of Atomic Gases, One dimensional quantum fluids.

Selected Publications

  • F. Yılmaz, F. Nur Ünal, and M. Ö. Oktel, “Evolution of the Hofstadter butterfly in a tunable optical lattice”, Phys. Rev. A 91, 063628 (2015).
  • F. Nur Ünal, B. Hetényi, and M. Ö. Oktel, “Impurity coupled to an artificial magnetic field in a Fermi gas in a ring trap”, Phys. Rev. A 91, 053625 (2015).
  • N. Ghazanfari, M.O. Oktel, “Rapidly rotating fermions in an anisotropic trap,” European Physical Journal D, vol. 59, pp. 435-441 (2010)
  • M.E. Tasgin, M.O. Oktel, L. You, O.E. Mustecaplioglu, “Quantum Entanglement via Superradiance of a Bose Einstein Condensate,” Laser Physics, vol. 20, pp. 700-708 (2010)
  • M.E. Tasgin, B. Oztop, M.O. Oktel, O.E. Mustecaplioglu, “Quantum Correlations Among Superradiant Bose-Einstein Condensate Atoms,” Optics & Spectroscopy, vol. 108, pp. 433-437 (2010)
  • H. Zhai, R.O. Umucalilar, M.O. Oktel, “Pairing and Vortex Lattices for Interacting Fermions in Optical Lattices with a Large Magnetic Field,” Physical Review Letters, vol. 104, pp. 145301-1–3 (2010)
  • B. Oztop, M.O. Oktel, O.E. Mustecaplioglu, L. You, “Quantum entanglement of spin-1 bosons with coupled ground states in optical lattices,” J of Physics B-Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, vol. 42, pp. 145505-1–9 (2009)
  • B. Oztop, M.O. Oktel, O.E. Mustecaplioglu, “Quantum Correlations of Spin-1 Atoms in an Optical Lattice,” Laser Physics, vol. 19, pp. 625-631 (2009)
  • M.E. Tasgin, M.O. Oktel, L. You, O.E. Mustecaplioglu, “Quantum correlated light pulses from sequential superradiance of a condensate[reprinted in Vir.J. Quantum Inf. / vol.9],” Physical Review A, vol. 79, pp. 053603-1–10 (2009)
  • M.E. Tasgin, O.E. Mustecaplioglu, M.O. Oktel, “Vortex Lattice of a Bose -Einstein Condensate as a Photonic Band Gap Material,” Laser Physics, vol. 19, pp. 647-654 (2009)
  • R.O. Umucalilar, M.O. Oktel, “p band in a rotating optical lattice,” Physical Review A, vol. 78, pp. 033602-1–7 (2008)
  • R.O. Umucalilar, H. Zhai, M.O. Oktel, “Trapped Fermi Gases in Rotating Optical Lattices: Realization and Detection of the Topological Hofstadter Insulator,” Physical Review Letters, vol. 100, pp. 070402-1–4 (2008)