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Oğuz Gülseren


Department Chairman

Office: SA-225

Phone: +90 312 290 1937

eMail: gulseren[at]fen.bilkent.edu.tr

Professor, Ph.D.: Condensed Matter Physics, Bilkent University, 1992

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Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience, Graphene, Solar cells, Plasmonics, Metal nanowires, carbon nanotubes, electronic structure of solids, material properties from first principles.

Selected Publications

  • Hatice Ünal, Oğuz Gülseren, Şinasi Ellialtıoğlu, and Ersen Mete, Electronic structures and optical spectra of thin anatase TiO2 nanowires through hybrid density functional and quasiparticle calculations, Physical Review B 89, 205127 (2014)
  • Jiwuer Jilili, Ayjamal Abdurahman, Oğuz Gülseren and Udo Schwingenschlögl, Non-covalent functionalization of single wall carbon nanotubes and graphene by a conjugated polymer, Applied Physics Letters 105, 013103 (2014).
  • M. Can Günendi, İrem Tanyeli, Gürsoy B. Akgüç, Alpan Bek, Raşit Turan, and O. Gülseren, Understanding the plasmonic properties of dewetting formed Ag nanoparticles for large area solar cell applications, Optics Express 21, 18344-18353 (2013).
  • Ruslan Hummatov, Daniele Toffoli, O. Gülseren, Emrah Özensoy, Hande Üstünel, First-principles investigation of NOx and SOx adsorption on anatase-supported BaO and Pt overlayers, Journal Physical Chemistry C 116, 6191-6199 (2012).
  • Selcen İslamoğlu, M. Ö. Oktel and O. Gülseren; Hofstadter butterfly of graphene with point defects, Physical Review B 85, 235414 (2012).
  • Deniz Çakır, O. Gülseren, Adsorption of Pt and bimetallic Pt-Au clusters on the partially reduced rutile (110) TiO2 surface: A first-principles study, Journal Physical Chemistry C 116, 5735-5746 (2012).
  • Gursoy B. Akguc, O. Gülseren, Thermoelectric Efficiency of nanowires with long range surface disorder, Physical Review B 85, 075432 (2012).
  • M. F. Genişel, Md. N. Uddin, Z. Say, M. Kulakci, R. Turan, O. Gülseren, E. Bengu, Bias in bonding behavior among boron, carbon, and nitrogen atoms in ion implanted BNx, BCx, and diamond like carbon films, Journal of Applied Physics 110, 074906 (2011).
  • D. Çakır, O. Gülseren; Effect of impurities on the mechanical and electronic properties of Au, Ag, and Cu monatomic chain nanowires, Physical Review B 84, 085450 (2011).
  • D. Çakır, O. Gülseren, E. Mete, Ş. Ellialtıoğlu; Interaction of BrPDI, BrGly, and BrAsp with the Rutile TiO(2)(110) Surface for Photovoltaic and Photocatalytic Applications: A First-Principles Study, Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 115, 9220-9226 (2011).
  • G. Kucukayan, R. Ovali, S. Ilday, B. Baykal, H. Yurdakul, S. Turan, O. Gülseren, E. Bengu; An experimental and theoretical examination of the effect of sulfur on pyrolytically grown carbon nanotubes from sucrose-based solid state precursors, Carbon 49, 508-517 (2011).