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Salim Çıracı


Office: SA229

Phone: +90 312 290 1216

eMail: ciraci[at]fen.bilkent.edu.tr

Professor, Ph.D.: Condensed Matter Physics, Stanford University, 1974

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Nanomaterials, nanodevices, Hydrogen storage, Surface physics, electronic structures of solids, electron systems of lower dimensionality, mesoscopic physics, scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy, chemisorption theory, metalization, strained semiconductor superlattices.

Selected Publications

  • Stable, single-layer MX2 transition-metal oxides and dichalcogenides in a honeycomb-like structure, C. Ataca, H. Sahin and S. Ciraci, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116, 8982 , (2012).
  • Frictional figure of merits for layered nanostructures: S. Cahangirov, C. Ataca. M. Topsakal, H. Sahin and S. Ciraci, Physical Review Letters, 108, 126103 (2012).
  • Effects of static charging and exfoliation of layered crystals: M. Topsakal, S. Ciraci, Physical Review B 85, 4, 045121 ( 2012)
  • Perpendicular growth of carbon chains on graphene from first-principles: C. Ataca, S. Ciraci, Physical Review B 83, 23, 235417 (Jun. 14, 2011)
  • Two and One Dimensional Honeycomb Structures of Silicon and Germanium: S. Cahangirov, M. Topsakal, E. Akturk, S.Ciraci, Physical Review Letters 102, 236804 (Jun. 2009)
  • Half-metallic silicon nanowires: First-principles calculations, E. Durgun, D. Cakır, N. Akman, S. Ciraci, Physical Review Letters 99 (25): Art. No. 256806 (2007).
  • Transition-metal-ethylene complexes as high-capacity hydrogen-storage media; E.Durgun, S.Ciraci, W.Zhou, T. Yildirim, Physical Review Letters 97 (22): Art.No.226102 (2006) (COVER STORY).
  • Titanium-decorated carbon nanotubes as a potential high-capacity hydrogen storage medium; T.Yildirim, S.Ciraci, Physical Review Letters 94 (17): Art.No.175501 (2005).
  • Chiral single-wall gold nanotubes; RT. Senger, S.Dag, S.Ciraci, Physical Review Letters 93 (19) Art.No.196807 (2004).
  • Ab-initio electron transport calculations of carbon based string structures; S.Tongay, RT.Senger, S.Dag, S. Ciraci., Physical Review Letters 93(13): Art.No.136404 (2004).