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Colloquium: Feb 8, 2017

Hilmi Volkan Demir*
Nanocrystal Optoelectronics: An emerging field
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 Feb 8, 2017 Wednesday 15:40 SU 01

ABSTRACTSolution-processed semiconductor nanocrystals have attracted great interest in optoelectronics including color conversion and enrichment in quality lighting and display backlighting. Optical properties of these colloidal nanocrystals can be conveniently controlled by tailoring their shape, composition, and size in an effort to realize high-performance light generation and lasing. Based on the rational design and control of excitonic processes in these nanocrystals, it is possible to achieve highly efficient light-emitting diodes and optically pumped lasers. In this talk, we will introduce the emerging field of nanocrystal optoelectronics. In particular, we will present a new concept of all-colloidal lasers developed by incorporating nanocrystal emitters as the optical gain media intimately into fully colloidal cavities for the first time. As an extreme case of solution-processed tightly-confined quasi-2D colloids, we will also show that the atomically flat heteronanoplatelets uniquely offer record high optical gain coefficients and ultralow threshold stimulated emission. In addition, we will discuss that controlled stacking of these colloidal quantum wells provides us with the ability to fine-tune and master their excitonic properties. Given the recent accelerating progress in nanocrystal optoelectronics, solution-processed quantum materials now hold great promise to challenge their conventional epitaxial counterparts in the near future.

*Bilkent University PHYS, EEE, MSN and UNAM

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