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Colloquium: Oct 13, 2017

David J. Hagan
Nonlinear refraction and absorption: Mechanisms, Characterization and Applications
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 Oct 13, 2017 Friday 13:40 SA 240

ABSTRACT — Our understanding of nonlinear optical materials characterization has progressed suciently over the years to allow a reliable and complete picture of the underlying physical processes leading to the nonlinear optical properties of a material. This is largely thanks to the development of reliable and complimentary methods for characterization of nonlinear optical properties. I will provide an overview of the eld, and describe our latest techniques in nonlinear refraction and absorption characterization which allow measurements dilute solutions and of thin lms (dual-arm Z-scan) and time resolved refraction measurements with a sensitivity that allows even gasses to be measured (nonlinear beam deection). The fundamental mechanisms that give rise to the process will be introduced. Additionally, I will describe how nonlinear refraction and absorption can be strongly enhanced when two very dierent wavelengths interact in a material. In addition to the obvious applications of this eect, I will show how this can be applied to such diverse applications as infrared detection, all optical switching and tunable mid-IR lasers.

*CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics, University of Central Florida, Orlando

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