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Colloquium: October 10, 2012


Raşit Turan*

Plasmonics and Photonics for an efficient light trapping in photovoltaic devices

Time: October 10, 2012 Wednesday 16:00
Place: EE01 (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Host: Oğuz Gülseren

ABSTRACT Absorption of light by a solar cell can be improved significantly by light trapping structures formed on the front or back surface of the device. In particular, thin crystalline and amorphous solar cells are expected to benefit from the improved light absorption in a region closer to the surface of the cell. Recently, we have shown that vertically aligned silicon (Si) nanowires formed on flat (100) Si wafer surface by metal assisted etching can effectively be used for this purpose. In addition, periodic photonic and plasmonic structures formed in the vicinity of the p-n junction can contribute to the light trapping. In this presentation, we summarize these new approaches for light managements towards more efficient energy harvesting from solar radiation. We also  present successful demonstration of nanowire based solar cells developed at GÜNAM facilities, and our recent results on the plasmonic structures based on Ag nanoparticles.

*Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications (GÜNAM) and Department of Physics, Middle East Technical University, Dumlupinar Blvd., No: 1, 06800, Ankara, Turkey

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