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Journal Club 2014-2015 Fall


The club will gather in Department of Physics Seminar Room SA-240 between 12:40 and 13:30 (Lunch Break)

09 December 2014 Tuesday

  • “Remote control of myosin and kinesin motors using light-activated gearshifting”, Nature Nanotechnology (August, 2014) to be presented by Erçağ Pinçe [Link]
  • “Nonlinear laser lithography for indefinitely large-area nanostructuring with femtosecond pulses”, Nature Photonics (October, 2013) to be presented by F. Ömer İlday [Link]

16 December 2014 Tuesday

  • “Watt-class high-power, high-beam-quality photonic-crystal lasers”, Nature Photonics (April, 2014) to be presented by Seval Sarıtaş [Link]
  • “Direct measurement of the Zak phase in topological Bloch bands”, Nature Physics (November, 2013)to be presented by Mohammad Yahyavi [Link]

23 December 2014 Tuesday

  • “A long-range polarization-controlled optical tractor beam”, Nature Photonics (October, 2014) to be presented by Fatemah Kalantarifard [Link]
  • “Tailoring the Magnetism of Co Atoms on Graphene through Substrate Hybridization”, Physical Review Letters (October, 2014) to be presented by Shahnaz Aas [Link]

All interested are cordially invited

You can find schedule and paper list of the previous semester here.