Undergraduate Curriculum

The Department of Physics Undergraduate Curriculum aims for students to determine their own choice of junior and senior tracks after getting fundamental freshmen and sophomore courses. Selective courses can be chosen either from preparatory courses for physics graduate programs or from other disciplines for interdisciplinary graduate programs.

One of the main purposes of this curriculum is to ready the students for research by project courses; also, through summer internship, students can gain experience at research companies and institutions as well as research groups.

First Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
PHYS 101General Physics I4PHYS 102General Physics II4
MATH 101Calculus I4MATH 102Calculus II4
CHEM 101Principles of Chemistry I4CS 113Introduction to Computing in Engineering
for Engineers
ENG 101English and Composition I3ENG 102English and Composition II3
PHYS 120Orientation for Physics Majors I1PHYS 124Freshman Project2
TURK 101Turkish I2TURK 102Turkish II2
GE 100Orientation1

Second Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
MBG 105Principles of Biology3PHYS 242Advanced Calculus for Applications in Physics3
PHYS 211Waves, Fluids and Thermodynamics4PHYS 212Optics and Modern Physics4
MATH 241Engineering Mathematics I4MATH 242Engineering Mathematics II3
CHEM 201Materials Science and Technology3PHYS 218Analytical Mechanics3
HIST 200History of Turkey4Elective3
GE 250Collegiate Activities Program IGE 251Collegiate Activities Program II1

Third Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
PHYS 315Electromagnetic Theory I3PHYS 371Numerical Methods in Physics3
PHYS 325Quantum Mechanics I3PHYS 374Experimental Methods of Physics4
PHYS 334Statistical Physics3Physics Elective3
Technical Elective3Elective3
HUM 111Cultures, Civilizations and Ideas I3HUM 112Cultures, Civilizations and Ideas II3
PHYS 291Summer Practice

Fourth Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
PHYS 491Senior Project3PHYS 492Senior Project II3
Physics Elective3Technical Elective3
Technical Elective3Technical Elective3
Non-Technical Elective3Non-Technical Elective3

Total number of Credits: 135

Physics Elective: Any course offered by the Physics department with a 3XX or 4XX code (third year or fourth year course.)

The curriculum and a list of all electives can be reached here!