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Colloquia Spring 2012-2013



The Physics Colloquia are designed to address a non-specialist, broad audience and introduce topics of contemporary research through lectures by leading experts. We warmly invite all members of the student body, including undergraduates enrolled in any programme.

Each colloquium will be held in Electrical and Electronics Engineering building theater EE01 (Click here to see the map, click here for the campus map and building codes)

day  time location
Wednesdays 16:00 EE01


Feb 20

Sylvain GiganInstitut Langevin ESPCI, Paris, France

Can we see through paint? »more

Feb 27

Romain QuidantICFO, Barcelona, Spain

Plasmon nano-optics: When nano gets hot and bright »more

Mar 13

Özgür MüstecaplıoğluKoç University, İstanbul, Turkey

Quantum Thermodynamics: Can Maxwell’s demon be actually an angel? »more

Mar 20

John DudleyUniversity of Franche-Comte, Besançon, France

From Rogue Waves to Randomness »more

Mar 27

Nuh GedikMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, USA

Shining Light on Topological Insulators »more

Apr 10

Bayram TekinMiddle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Symmetry, Mass and Gravity »more

Apr 17

Jörg WinterBochum University, Bochum, Germany

Exploring the 4th state of matter »more

Apr 24

Christoph DellagoUniversität Wien, Vienna, Austria

Nucleation at the nanoscale: pathways of phase transitions in small systems »more

May 15

Andrei ManolescuReykjavík University, Reykjavík, Iceland

Journey to the center of genetics. The experience of a physicist in Iceland. »more

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