PHYS 291 Summer Practice/Yaz Stajı

Phys 291 are implemented according to the decisions of Undergraduate Committee Meeting convened on 15.05.2013, and are as follows:

  • Undergraduates registered in the department of physics are expected to perform their internship in the industry.  Both private and government organisations are accepted. Some common companies \ organisations include, Aselsan, Havelsan, TAI, Roketsan, Nanomanyetics, Teknokent.
  • The internship period is 20 work days.
  • The students are to find the internship organization themselves.
  • The grades will be entered by the internship coordinator.
  • In order for the student grades to be entered into the system, the students should register to the first Phys 291 class after their internship. For instance if the student performed an internship in 2016-2017 summer, then he/she should register for the course in 2017-2018 fall semester.
  • Internship letter (This is an informative document stating your request for internship, the dates, and company information.  A template can be downloaded in the link above).
  • A mandatory communication letter taken from the department which is to be delivered to the company or organization.
  • A letter written by the company or organization stating that you have satisfied their requirements for the duration of internship.
  • Insurance (This needs to be arranged one week before the internship start date, by the department, and should be delivered to the company or organization by the student).
  • Internship report: The students need to register to the Phys 291 course in the following semester after their summer internship. In the course web page there will be further information on the report format and deadlines. The report will be evaluated by the internship committee.